Mr Amit Shah will land in the State of Mamta Banerjee in afternoon today for addressing the crowd in the rally.BJP president will be inclined to clear all the doubts planted regarding the NRC issue with the people of Kolkata under the banner of “Yuva Samabesh” organised by BJP youth Wing.  It will be his fifth visit to the opposition’s state.

The Party President is working hard and following strategies to allure the people of the state. The last polls were against the saffron party in which it only occupied counted two seats.

The war of poster has already begun in the state. The Mamta Banerjee is organising a protest  “Dhikkar Diwas”  against NRC in the state.

It had been reported that Kolkata Police was not granting the permission to saffron party for organising the public rally at the venue of its choice. Finally, it gets the permit to possess a rally at  Mayo Road, in central Kolkata, which is the principal location in the state.

The Trinamool Congress has a stinging relationship with the centre ruling party. The TMC has called a protest against National Register of Citizens or NRC in Assam, which seems to hold the ambition to hinder the path of the supporters which can lead to less percentage of the crowd in the rally. The protest has been called across the state excluding the Kolkata.

The NCR and citizens’ list is the expected target to be taken during the speech by the Shah. The Party President is trying to stretch the number of seats to 50 %  in the coming election.

The TMC is one of the most supported parties in the state. It has always received the favour of the Muslim community and even illegal migrants dwelling in the state.

The NCR draft had been rejected by the Chief Minister of the state as she claimed that the draft would make numbers of people stateless and she even tried to disrupt the peace of environment by using words like blood-bath and civil war.

The NRC draft states that the illegal migrants who were sought to be involved in anti-social and criminal activities would be sent back to their country. The draft even provides the time to prove the citizenship.

The BJP’s state wing has trained and deployed about 500 volunteers to manage the crowd and it hired buses to get supporters from other districts.

State BJP president Dilip Ghosh even assured for success and said “The event will be a successful one. We are expecting lakhs of people from all over the state.”