Chennai: On Monday BJP president Amit Shah in Chennai talked about increasing corruption and sounded as if he was giving a virtual warning to the state’s government regarding maintenance of law in Tamil Nadu.

Amit  Shah during his speech proudly said that corruption has been removed completely wherever BJP has formed a government or has been a part of the ruling organization. He further added that every time when he thinks about Tamil Nadu it pinches him a lot as nowadays the state is being counted amongst the most corrupt states in India.  Amit Shah while addressing the party members said that if we will become a part of an alliance of upcoming government in the state than I assure you that we will finish the corruption here as well.

On Monday Amit Shah, at the VGP Golden Beach resort on the ECR addressed more than 15,000  members of the  Sakthi and Maha Sakthi Kendras of the party in Tamil Nadu. While addressing the party’s members Shah said, the party will soon form a strong bond with one of those parties who will eliminate corruptions in the state and ensured the party members that government in the state would be an NDA one.

“We will decide on alliance formation after September – October with a party that eliminates corruption and upholds law and order. The next government in Tamil Nadu will be a corruption-free rule of the NDA. We will merge as a big force and our alliance will be formidable” he said.

Amidst his statement, during his speech at the VGP Golden Beach resort, Mr Shah addressed the party members and appealed them to take a pledge to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be re-elected in 2019 and the government at the Centre is formed under his leadership.

“Will you strengthen the booth committees? Will you work to form the Modi government again and prepare TN for NDA rule? Then raise both your hands and say Bharat Mata ki Jai,” he urged and the crowd responded by repeating the thunderous slogan.

Besides this, during his visit to Chennai regarding upcoming 2019 elections Shah asked BJP workers to move towards different directions  across the state in order to assure people about  thousands of those people that have been benefited from over 120 schemes which have been launched by the Modi government for women, poor, Dalits and other deprived sections of society.