BJP President Amit Shah hits back at Rahul Gandhi for accusing PM Modi in the parliament for having an ‘anti-dalit’ mindset. Amit Shah asked the Chief of Congress party to look back and stated that it was the opposition party who had a mindset of insulting the Dalits. Also, he added, to look at the facts when they are free from ‘winking’.

Mr. Shah tweeted that the Prime Minister’s legacy includes ‘strongest amendments to SC/ST act’ and setting up the commission for the OBC’s. While, the Congress party had the legacy of insulting the Dalit leaders, blocking to empower the OBC body and oppose the Mandal Commission report.

Our sources have reported that Amit Shah targeted  Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party after Mr. Gandhi criticized PM at the Jantar Mantar protest for the government policies towards Dalits. He also added that NDA government has safeguarded the strongest amendment to the Scheduled Tribes / Scheduled Castes Act.

During the debate on the no-confidence motion against the government in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi hugged PM Modi and then winked.

Mr. Gandhi told the Congress government that they had brought the atrocities act. Also, stating that PM has an anti-dalit thinking and Dalits will be crushed and beaten openly if BJP has the power. For years Congress have only insulted Dalits and it was disdainful.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Prime Minister has no hearts for the Dalits and people from the weaker sections of the society. PM wants to crush them and this is the sole reason why we are standing against him.

Mr. Shah, deeply hurt by the Congress party’s behavior says that it would be good to discuss the treatment of Congress leaders like Babu Jagjivan Ram, Babu Rao Ambedkar, and Sitaram Kesari.

Mr. Shah tweeted, when Rahul Gandhi became the Congress party president, it opposed the tough SCT/SC act and the OBC commission. Now it shows who has the anti-backward mindset.

He adds more for Rahul Gandhi, “Expecting honesty and research from a politician like you is difficult. Please read the speech of Rajiv Gandhi during the Mandal (row) when he opposed it. The sense of backwardness and hatred comes out so clearly and today you talk about Dalit welfare”.