Mr Amit Shah is in full zeal and enthusiasm to get back the Saffron Party in the coming elections. As a Party President, he is always observed busy in making strategies and missions which can lead to the victory.

Mr Amit Shah has set the target of Mission 60+ for the Assembly elections, Mission 60+ is the target that BJP president Amit Shah has set to defeat the opposition and get the party in the power again.

Mr Shah has set few states as a target in the coming election. He had listed the following districts-Mahbubnagar, Karimnagar and Warangal districts largely on the ground of urban voters who had supported BJP earlier.

TS unit president K. Laxman said “Why cannot Telangana be a BJP-led state? When it is possible in a majority of states in the country, why not here? That’s the intention behind Mr Shah’s focus on Telangana.” hoping that the magic of Mr Shah would even work in Telanga.

Mr Shah’s leadership had elected the BJP in twenty states and the party is expecting the same magic to happen again in the coming election.

In order to get the grip of victory, Mr Shah had a series of meeting with state leaders and finalise the list of contestants.

Sources shared that Mr Shah might announce the names at Karimnagar.

Dr Laxam said that the Party President was in the state for three days to filter the right candidate for all the 119 constituencies without being biased for any candidate on the ground of winnability.

Dr Laxman informed about the meeting and said that Mission 60+ target was the guiding star at the meeting. The party was ready to provide tickets to the winnable candidates even if they came from other party but the candidate should follow the policies and ethos of the party.

He added that the party had been accessible to all sections of the society and was no longer limited to the forward communities. It had been strong organisationally.

He said “The anti-Dalit stance of the TRS was exposed. We have reached out to all sections including women, youth, BCs, Dalits and all sections to strengthen the party,” Dr Laxman said.