Amit Shah addressed the Kolkata people under the banner of “Yuva Samabesh” today. He said that his party was not anti-Bangla, as his party was founded by a Bangla person, Syama Prasad Mukherjee. He claimed that his party was anti-Mamta. He desires to uproot Mamta Banerjee from the state.

The President of BJP received an unfriendly welcome in the state. Congress workers showed black flags to him and shouted slogans against the Prime Minister and Mr Shah. The anti-BJP posters were covering the sides of roads.

The rally was organised by the youth wing of BJP. Numbers of volunteers were trained to manage the crowd and to bring them from other districts.

The President of Saffron Party accused the Mamta Banerjee of being against the NRC bill just for the vote bank. Shah said that Mamta was against the draft because she holds the vote bank of the illegal migrants.

Mr Shah questioned the gathering  ” shouldn’t Bangladeshi immigrants be thrown out?”

Mr Shah told that NRC was not against the Indians, it’s for the illegal migrants who had occupied the land along with were the hindrance to growth and development. The illegal migrants were also caught in illegal activities.

Amit Shah blamed the Chief Minister and said that she had turned the phase of the state on the negative path. The business and industries were suffering but the corrupt and syndicates were flourishing. The ‘Rabindra Sangeet was replaced by the sound of bombs. The Gunda Raaj had inflated. Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal doesn’t hold literature and music but its land of bomb-making units and explosions.

He asked for the favour of people and said that their party needs a chance to prove. The Prime Minister would flourish the state with development and growth. To bring changes and end corruption, one had to vote for BJP.

The Amit Shah who had bitter words with Mamta Banerjee earlier on NRC draft said that he wanted to ask Mamta for the reason of protesting against it. Congress even never proved the reason for the stand. The Bangla infiltrants were the vote bank for the Congress party.

Amit Shah challenged the Chief Minister and shared that she had shut the TV channels or stopped them from broadcasting his speech but he trusts his supporters and followers. His party worker would go lane to lane, village to village district to district, town to town and city to city. They were not afraid of the hard work. No one could stop them.

The TMC party leader Mamta Banerjee had called for the protest “Dhikkar NRC” against the NRC draft. She covered the whole state except the Kolkata city.

The rally was organised at Mayo Road, in central Kolkata.