PALI (RAJASTHAN): Recently, BJP president Amit Shah made a comparison between the Mahagathbandhan that has been proposed by the opposition and the “band of thieves”. Shah said that the Mahagathbandhan (a proposed alliance of parties that are opposed to the BJP’s policies )is similar to the band of thieves, as they also looted the wealth of the country by indulging themselves in corruption.

Bhartiya Janta Party chief Amit Shah made a genuine comparison while he was addressing a rally in Rajasthan. Referring to the opposition Shah said that the anecdotal 40 thieves were thrown out of the villages by a newly appointed chowkidar, after they looted the place. Amit Shah referred newly appointed chowkidar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“All of them got united and told the villagers that the chowkidar is the thief. The villagers beat them up and banished them from the village. This Mahagathbandhan is a unity of those who loot wealth of the public through corrupt means. On the other hand, there is the Narendra Modi government that has safeguarded the nation,” Mr Shah said.

Amidst his speech while addressing a rally in Rajasthan, Mr Shah said the party had no right to question the BJP government as Congress was involved in corruption when it was in power.

“In space they did the 2G scam, in the skies they did the AgustaWestland helicopter scam, on land they did the Adarsh Society scam, the scam involving the purchase of submarines spread their corruption to the seas and they stole coal from below the earth. Their corruption can be seen everywhere, today they are questioning us?” Mr Shah said.

When Modi government finalized the Rafale jet deal with France, Congress falsely alleged that the government did corruption in the deal. The allegations were made up by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and he said that the NDA government gave an offset contract to Reliance Defence, overlooking state-owned HAL, which has expertise in aircraft manufacturing.

Though Gandhi tried to defame the government with his baseless allegations, the government, the French government, Reliance and Dassault denied the charges put up by the Congress.

The Assembly elections for the 200-member Rajasthan Assembly will take place on December 7 and results for the same will come on December 11.