The saffron party president Amit Shah had a visit to the pink city on Tuesday. Amit Shah claimed about the success of the party with huge votes and said that BJP cannot be uprooted. He compared the stability of party with Angad’s leg and said that party was firmly grounded in Rajasthan like ‘Angad ka paair’, which couldn’t be uprooted.

The party president was addressing the cadres at Shakti Kendra Sammelan and workers at four other programmes, where he signified the importance to win the assembly elections ahead of 2019 as its “outcome would set the trend for the general elections next year”.

The BJP Party is all set to face the assembly election in Madhya Pradesh where it had won 27 of the 29 seats, Rajasthan where it grabbed all 25 seats, and Chhattisgarh where it secured 10 out of 11 seats, in 2014.

The non-BJP states, Mizoram and Telangana will also face polls before the 2019 general elections.

Amit Shah motivated the cadre and said that the coming elections were of the party and its workers so everyone had to work hard and put all efforts to win it. The Raje govt in state and the Modi government at the Centre and (Vasundhara) had never let down the expectations of the people. He asked the cadre to reach out to the public with head high and inform all the people about the initiatives launched by the govt for their welfare.

BJP President said, “If workers at the booth level don’t become active, all effort is a waste.”
Shah said if the BJP succeeds in forming the government in 2019, then there would be no looking back for the next 50 years. “Our predecessors toiled for 50 years to take us here. Now it’s our responsibility to serve the country for the next 50 years. Today, BJP is ruling in 19 states, covering 70% of the country,”

Shah slammed the steps of opposition for forming mahagathbandhan and challenged that it won’t hinder in the success of the Saffron Party.

Shah recalled the surgical strike done under BJP govt and attacked the Congress President by saying that Mr Gandhi called the strike as ‘khoon ki dalali’.

Amit Shah said Rahul baba had all the right to see ‘Mungerilal Ke Sapne’ and said “When his sleep will break, his dream will also get shattered. When Rahul Baba had come to Rajasthan, he (Rahul) had said that Congress is winning at the state and Centre. But Rahul Baba, even if you set up a telescope to see if the Congress is coming to power, you won’t be able to find a distant trace of it,”.

Amit Shah measured Congress and said that it doesn’t have a clear leadership, policy or programme and doesn’t deserve to win the election.