The Saffron Party President Amit Shah attacks the opposition party Congress for setting the state in the dormant stage during its governance and challenges it for an “open debate” on the development.

BJP charioteer Amit Shah said “We are ready for an open debate with the Congress on the development works done by its governments in 55 years as against the 15 years of Raman Singh’s government in Chhattisgarh and five years of the Narendra Modi government,” while challenging the government over the work done.

Mr Shah was addressing the rally on Friday during the conclusion of the “Atal Vikas Yatra” at Narharpur in Kanker district of poll-bound Chhattisgarh.

Chattisgarh will face assembly election later this year.

Mr Shah emphasised that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been part of politics which only includes development.

Mr Shah appreciated the efforts and work done by the Chief Minister and the progress which state observed in the last 15 years under BJP government.

Mr Shah said, “It is commendable that even after 15 years in power, the chief minister connects with the people.” highlighting that Mr Singh travelled 11,000 km in the Assembly constituencies.

Mr Singh had covered all the 90 Assembly constituencies in 27 districts of the state during the two-phase yatra and shared about the achievements grabbed by his government.

Mr Shah targeted Congress and said that it did nothing to improve the state. BJP leader and Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee founded the Chattisgarh state and BJP leader and Chief Minister Raman Singh were behind the development of the state. It was under Modi government at Centre and Raman Singh at state, when all the sections of society started benefitting from the schemes and initiative were undertaken by the government.

Mr Shah added that Mr Singh worked to make the state developed while Mr Modi-led government encouraged the development.

Mr Shah accused Congress government of being a hindrance in development and said that the term BIMARU was coined during Congress government to reflect the poor economic conditions of the states.