After many types of research by an American and a German researcher suggest that aliens’ messages could destroy Earth. They have warned the human beings not to open these messages on the Earth. They do not need battleships. Instead, they can destroy the Earth by sending messages like “we will make your Sun go supernova tomorrow”. They are of the view that the Aliens had visited the ancient lands in Egypt. The pyramids of Egypt are also a proof of their visit.

The researchers have clarified how dangerous extraterrestrial intelligence may be. They say that sustainable ETI is not harmful but we cannot exclude the possibility. This is because it is quite easy and cheaper for ETI to send some malicious message to wipe out the human life from the Earth. These messages are not easy to open and read. Any complex message from space may need modern computers to display, analyze, and understand. The researchers have warned that these messages may have technical risks and opening these may eradicate human life.

The researchers are of the view that the existence of ETI shows the existence of good and bad civilizations. Here, it is quite difficult to identify the good and bad civilizations. Although, the bad civilizations are less in number, yet are much harmful to the Earth. Also, we cannot understand the intentions behind sending these messages to the Earth.

The researchers want to tell that human intelligence dominates the Earth. But, ETI will send messages along with attached AI that could dominate the human intelligence. This domination of ETI could cause widespread destruction on the Earth. The researchers also say that there may be a community of the Earth that may support opening these messages due to any reason. But, before opening these messages, it is mandatory to understand the risks behind these messages.