On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi instigated the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)-Ayushman Bharat naming it as one of the biggest government-sponsored healthcare schemes in the world. PM Modi also claimed that the scheme will be beneficiary for a maximum number of people which is equal to the population of Canada, Mexico, and the US. Niti Aayog declared Mewat as one of India’s backward districts in Haryana which earlier this year has been keenly waiting for the benefits of the scheme.

This scheme is the game changer initiative to serve people across India. Once executed, it can come as a godsend for districts like Mewat where patients had to visit unregistered doctors or quacks for the cure, officials said. The problem faced by patients is that once the disease escalates, there is nothing they can do for them except referring them to bigger health centers close to the district or in Delhi or Jaipur. The official further said that the one of the biggest achievement of PMJAY is that it allows national portability. Under the scheme, a resident of Mewat is permitted for free hospitalization at an impaneled hospital all over the country.

A lot of people are getting benefits from this government scheme. The execution of the scheme will also have few challenges. Among them is the fact that the 100-bed Al Afia district hospital and the 500-bed SKHM in Nalhar are the only two government facilities part of the rollout in Mewat. These, two hospitals will be within the reach of the patients to avail the benefits of the scheme.

The striving Ayushman Bharat scheme will offer a coverage of Rs 5 lakh per family annually and will benefit more than 50 crore people for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization through a network of impaneled health care providers. Prime Minister Modi stated that more than 1,300 diseases are covered under it, including heart diseases, kidney and liver disorders, and diabetes.

The nodal officer of the District for PMJAY Renu Sharma said, “we have been unofficially told to accept only those with Aadhaar and whose biometrics matches.” According to the Health Ministry and the National Health Agency, which implements the scheme, any official ID document can be used to verify beneficiaries. And CEO of Haryana State Health Agency Dr. Saket Kumar disapproved that no such kind of instruction has been issued according to which the verification will be restricted to Aadhaar only.