“Aap Ka Daan, Rashtra Ka Nirman” campaign grabs the attention of the country. It seems that  Kejriwal knows the different ways to get the attention of the media.

The Aam Aadmi Party launched a party’s donation campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Chief Minister and founder of AAP said that whoever would contribute in the campaign would invite better future of their children and will contribute to nation building on the basis of honest politics. He added that “Aap Ka Daan, Rashtra Ka Nirman” campaign would become role model in the world on how to do honest politics through public contributions.

Launching the campaign, Kejriwal even emphasised that the AAP government was “the most honest” in the country in the last 70 years.

Mr Kejriwal even attacked the Centre and accused it for disrupting the functioning of the government and for conducting raids.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said “Nothing was found by the committee and the raids. So, when I say ours is the most honest government, it is because we have received clean chits from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his committee,”  and even asked the centre to share the details of the Rafale deal.

The Delhi Chief Minister even proved his honesty and backed his words for forming the most honest party by saying that if his party would have attempted dishonest means it could have collected 2,000 crores just by having a one-percent share from the Rs 2 lakh crore fund provided by Delhi government.

He added that then he would have not been able to provide Mohallaclinics, schools, roads, flyovers to the people for their welfare.

Under the “Aap Ka Daan, Rashtra Ka Nirman” campaign, people who want to donate to the party have to give a missed call to the number launched by the AAP Chief Minister Kejriwal.

All the political parties are trying to woo the people through new techniques but they are either unaware or ignoring the fact that people select the government on the basis of the promises completed and achievement made.