Image Source: The Sun

Punjab: An eight-month-old baby who weighs similar to a healthy four-year-old has left the doctors baffled. Chahat Kumar, an 8-month-old baby in India, weighs around 38 pounds (approx. 17kg). Her parents revealed that Chahat cried whenever she did not get a proper diet. Her parents also told that she started gaining weight since she was four months old.

Baby’s parents belong to a below middle-class family. They have not enough money for her treatment. But taking to The Sun, her parents told that they would do their best to save her life.

Chahat Kumar with her mother, Image Source: The Sun

While talking to The Sun, her parents expressed the belief that God gave such conditions to her. Nothing is in their hands. Further, they say that when someone laughs at her due to her weight and appetite, they get very sad.

As per the reports, Dr. Sharma, her pediatrician, has asked the family to shift her to the civil hospital for better care. But due to their miserable condition, they could not afford a good hospital and a pediatric specialist.

Dr. Sharma told the news outlet that she is gaining weight excessively and it has to be controlled as soon as possible. The doctor has suggested reducing her diet. Her diet is equivalent to that of a ten-year-old kid.

Chahat Kumar with Parents, Image Source: The Sun

Reportedly, because of her abnormally thick skin, the doctors are not able to take the blood sample. She is also suffering from sleeping and breathing problems due to her excessive weight.

No parent wants a problem in his/her baby’s life. Chahat’s parents have similar feelings, but due to lack of money, they are helpless. Still, they are trying their best to give her a good life.

We really wish her a good life and speedy recovery. May God give strength to her parents to fight such adverse conditions!!