BHOPAL: On Monday, Chief Electoral Officer, Madhya Pradesh, VL Kantha Rao announced that 65,000 polling booths will be set up regarding the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Out of the total number of booths, 2,000 booths would be entirely operated by women, informed the officer.

CEO VL Kantha Rao further added that 3 lakh government employees have been deployed on polling duty which includes 45,000 women employees. He also said that out of the 65,000 polling booths which will set up in the state, 160 polling booths will be fully operated by differently-abled personnel and 2,000 booths would be entirely operated by women on the day of the election.

Mr Rao on the other hand also informed about the silence period that has been initiated in Madhya Pradesh prohibiting all forms of campaigning in the state.

“With only 48 hours remaining from the end of polling, the silence period has begun for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections and all campaigning is prohibited now onwards. Any advertisement on print, electronic media or social media is prohibited. Campaigning through phone calls or messaging services is also prohibited,” said Rao.

Besides this, Chief Electoral Officer informed that in order to make the process easy for the visually impaired people to cast their vote, special arrangements have been made.

“Apart from the 3 lakh employees from the state, 12,000 Central Government Employees will be working as micro-observers at different places. For the convenience of visually impaired voters, the commission has issued Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) with Braille inscription”, Rao added.

The Assembly elections in the state will be held today to elect members of the 230 constituencies in the state. The results of the Assembly polls will be announced on December 11.

Amidst the fight of Shivraj Singh Chouhan government to win power in the state for the consecutive fourth term, the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will be considered as a one on one fight between the Congress and the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). The Congress has not come in power in MP since 2003.

In the year 2013, BJP in Madhya Pradesh won 166 seats 2013 and elected Chouhan as the Chief Minister, while Congress and BSP managed to get only 58 and 4 seats respectively.

On January 7, 2019, the tenure of 230-member House will expire.