Reportedly, the Italian police have seized a ship carrying tramadol from India to sell in Libya. This is a synthetic opioid-like drug which is used as a painkiller. The Islamic State terrorists in Libya are using this drug to provide them better support and resiliency.

As per the reports, this ship was carrying 37 million tramadol pills which cost around $75 million. The police have seized this ship at Genoa port. The drug was packed into three containers which were labeled as blankets and shampoo. All these containers were going to Misrata and Tobruk in Libya.

The British newspaper has quoted that ISIS gives these drugs to their fighter to make them feel no pain.

The Italian police have reported that the consignment came from India. This would have been used for two possible purposes. One possible reason is to help ISIS financially.  Second reason is to grow the resistance in jihadist fighters and to reduce their physical pain.

The notorious terrorist group from Nigeria, Boko Haram is said to use tramadol for young soldiers. They feed the stuffed dates before sending child fighters on the mission.

As per the reports, ISIS is already feeding its fighters Captagon. This is a kind of amphetamine that blocks hunger, fear, and weakness.

Italian investigation agency traced the shipment’s history. They have found that Indian Pharma Company had sold it to the Dubai-based importer for $250,000. Afterward, the drug was shipped to Sri Lanka from India. From there the records vanished from the freighter’s documents.

They have added further that tramadol pills would sell for $2 each in Libya.

Since long, Libya is burning due to fights between various terrorist groups and the government. Such news is really bad as many children are dying and many families completely vanish due to these terrorist groups. Providing them this kind of support is really bad news. Hopefully, the agencies will take a strict action against the defaulters. We strongly criticize such actions as supporting terrorism is unethical.