The Friday monsoon session decided the future of the state. BJP proved its place by securing 325 votes against the motion which ultimately faded the strategies of oppositions. The NDA govt-administered by Mr Modi was webbed in the foul strategies of oppositions. The TDP govt along with other opposition parties had forwarded no-confidence motion in the previous session.

As decided by the Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Friday was the day for the discussion of the motion and of course the decision day for Andhra Pradesh and NDA  govt.

The Friday monsoon session started with the uncounted rubbish allegations thrown over Mr PM. Numbers of opposition Leader stood up with the list of questions ignoring the fact that the BJP govt is the only Govt which seeks for country’s development instead of being involved in scams and filling own treasury.

The intentions and works count more than words, When Mrs Sumitra Mahajan called for the those in favour say yes and those in against say no. The result loudly answered all questions. Here’s the final tally of votes:

Ayes – 126

Noes – 325

Abstain – 0

Total – 451

The votes closed the chapter of no-trust motion, unveiling the real characters of oppositions

Indian constitution allowed every Individual to express their thoughts and views but its misuse is observed very often. The monsoon session proved the fact that somewhere our pattern of selection is wrong. The embarrassing activities of oppositions question mark our selection of representatives.

Confronting Rahul’s word Mr Modi said ” How can I look into your eyes, you are “naamdaar” and I belong to a lower caste and to a poor mother. Today in the Session I was told that I cannot look into the eyes of “naamdar”. How can I? I am a humble person belonging to a poor family. I don’t have that calibre to do that. but yes I am ” Kamdaar”, proud “Chowkidaar” and “bhagidaar” but not a “Saudagar”. I am “bhagidaar” for the development.”

Mr Modi even spoke about the winking of Rahul. He said,” Today complete nation saw that how eyes are used by the “naamdaars”.” The behaviour of Mr Rahul, President of Congress was also questioned by the speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

But at the end, Friday session reflected the truth with 325 lawmakers votes against the no-confidence motion.