The tragedy which moistured eyes of every had been ballooned as a political issue. Well, whosever carelessness it was, the only loss was suffered by the common people.

Former MLA Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu is being trapped for being insensitive and delivering a speech as people were getting struck down by a train. Ms Sidhu was invited as a chief guest at the Dussehra celebrations.

Hitting back to the local leaders while defending herself, Ms Sidhu shared that she had left the event before the incident. She cleared that she got the news of mishap after 15 minutes. She even emphasised to give priority to the treatment instead of politicising the issue.

Ms Sidhu said, “We burnt the Ravan effigies at six places today. Most of them were near the railway track. They (railway authorities) should have at least issued directions to slow down the speed of the train. Such a big mistake,” she said while transferring the mistake to the railway department.

When asked about the event organised by Congress without any permission, she defended that Dusshera celebration was held there every year and whoever were politicising the issue should be ashamed.

Ms Sidhu, spouse of former cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu accused railways authorities of not slowing down the speed of the train

Ms Sidhu further said that such an incident should not have taken place as the police were present all around the area. “Now we are being told that railway authorities did not even slow down the train and that people were standing on the tracks,” she said.

On Friday evening, a train crushed a huge crowd that was gathered over to a railway track to watch Dussehra fireworks on the outskirts of Amritsar in Punjab. The incident took least 61 lives while more than 72 others were reported injured and many of them were serious.