A 19-year-old boy, who killed his father, mother and sister on Wednesday was addicted to an online game.

A senior Police officer informed about it and said that he had even rented a room in Mehrauli to spend time with his friends after bunking classes.

The 19-year-old murderer, Suraj alias Sarnam Verma allegedly killed his father Mithilesh, mother Siya and sister and made it look like a robbery but was later arrested in the evening of the same day.

His parents and sister were cremated today by his relatives.

Officer even informed that he was not guilty of his deed though he was scared of laws.

His relatives shared that they considered the child to be a nice fellow but neighbours informed about the noises which used to come from his house due to his ill behaviours.

Police officers investigated the case and found a WhatsApp group including him and nine to 10 friends where they used to plan about bunking classes and hanging out.

Officer said “His friends idolised him and considered him an icon. He had rented a room in Mehrauli along with his friends. At the room, they had a TV set and on the day he did not want to attend classes, he would stay at the room from 7 am to 6 pm and play a violent online game,”

It is shared that the Suraj was scolded by his parents for flying kites on Independence day and was very upset for it. So he planned to teach them a lesson. He was even upset with his sister as she used to share details with his parents about his personal life.

Suraj even failed in his Class 12th exam and was scolded by his parents for his living style and behaviour. He believed that his father was a reason behind his failure as he assigned him to supervise the construction of their house.

His father got him admission to a private institute in Gurgaon for a diploma in civil engineering.

The 19-year-old killer behaved very normally before executing the merciless action. He was up till midnight and saw photo albums with his family.

He woke up at 3 am and stabbed his father till death, when her mother sleeping in the same room raised an alarm he stabbed her once and stepped to her sister’s room and cut her in the neck. His mother followed him to save the daughter but he killed both of them.

The murderer made the room in a way to look it a robbery case and washed off his fingerprints from the knife. He later shouted to call neighbours.