Samsung is going to revolutionize the smartphone manufacturing industry through launching its foldable smartphone. It would be the first device with a foldable display in the world. The leaks suggest that the company will launch the device at some time in 2018. The leaks also report that the company is using model No. SM-G888 for this foldable device. Earlier, there were also reports that Samsung will launch world’s first foldable display device named Galaxy X. The device has passed through an inspection by Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA).

The device has gone through some regulatory steps in the country of manufacture. NRRA has listed the device as ‘radio equipment for LTE mobile communication’. Five months ago, the same device appeared as a smartphone at WIFI alliance. The rumors of the foldable smartphone were already revolving in the industry since Samsung’s introduction of a foldable screen ‘Youm’ in 2013. Lots of news rumored that Samsung, LG, and Lenovo were working on foldable displays.

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Here, it is noteworthy that Samsung had already introduced its foldable display at CES 2009. The company named it as ‘the world’s first foldable Amoled’. But, the company did not use the display in smartphone manufacturing because the resolution was very poor. The foldable display had a resolution of 480X272 pixels not enough for a good smartphone.

The president of the Samsung Mobile business unit says that the company may launch the new device in 2018. He also says that the company is working on some issues that are still on display. After resolving the issues, the company will launch the device. The experts are also of the view that the company is trying to bring this foldable display in a compact body. The company will use bezel-less two separate OLED panels with a hinge between these.