Credit: ifixit

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 along with S8+ are set to launch today in India. But, they are shipping the models to some of the lucky customers. If you wish to unveil the structure of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as S8+ models, then iFixit has the perfect answers.

Upon analyzing both the models, iFixit has revealed that both the models are more or less similar to the interior infrastructure. Moreover, they are quite similar on the exteriors as well. However, S8+ sports a larger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S8 model.

Credit: ifixit

iFixit has noted that the Galaxy S8 comes with glass-over-glass build up. It is joined with durable adhesives. This makes the model quite difficult to open easily. Most of the other components of the phone can be separated independently. Even the battery structure is quite difficult to bring out. The front side of the glass is quite rigid to be replaced. Any replacement would damage the curved glass structure. On an average, both the Samsung Galaxy S8 along with S8+ models are getting a repair score of 4/10 from iFixit.

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Credit: ifixit

Those who are keeping records, these scores can be relatable. For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 along with Galaxy S7 Edge, the scores were 4 & 3 respectively. iFixit says that if you wish to fix the Samsung Galaxy S8 and above models, then you should not try this at home. It will not be a simple thing to achieve. You would need some expert assistance. The hardware comes with strong adhesives that make them hard to remove with hand. Moreover, the inner parts as well are quite sturdy to be replaced by oneself. All these specifications are torn down by iFixit.

Those who are waiting for the flagship models to be launched, they can wait few more hours.