Chinese tech giant OnePlus is going to launch its next flagship device OnePlus 6 in the first quarter of 2018. Allegedly the company has skipped 5T this year. Earlier, there were rumors that the company is planning to release OnePlus 5T. The company had released OnePlus 3T last year soon after the launch of OnePlus 3. This is because OnePlus 3 had many drawbacks which the company had covered through launching OnePlus 3T. OnePlus has proved a great success in spite of some minor issues.

The reports also say that the company is planning to house Snapdragon 845 SoC in the upcoming flagship device. Qualcomm is going to release this latest Snapdragon SoC in the near future. This will support either 6GB or 8GB of RAM without any support for external memory card. OnePlus 6 may also have two variants. One may have 6GB of RAM along with a support for 64GB internal memory. The other may have 128GB of internal memory along with 8GB of RAM.

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Now, coming to the display, there are rumors that OnePlus 6 may feature a 6-inch QHD display instead of 5.5-inch in the old flagship devices. The Chinese giant is also working on a bezel-less design. Thus, the aspect ratio may also change from 16:9 to 18:9 for a taller image. The resolution may also change and reach 2880X1440 pixels because of the 6-inch display. Here, one thing noteworthy is that the company will also shift home button to somewhere else. This is because of the bezel-less design.

One thing very interesting is that the company is not going to skip the next number in the row. Earlier, the company had skipped the number 4 in its lineup. This is because the Chinese consider 4 as an unlucky number. The pronunciation of number 4 is same like the pronunciation of death in the Chinese.