E-Commerce giant Amazon is operating its business in many countries around the world. The company dominates in online retail business and has surpassed many competitors with the passage of time. It has also gained a lot of success in its Alexa-powered echo speakers. Now, there are reports that the company is stepping in messaging apps. It is making its own messaging app “anytime”. The company has given no details on launch date and features of the app. But, the customers’ survey conducted by the company suggests that the launch is near.

Here, it is pertinent to note that there are already a lot of messaging apps available. All these have different features to attract the users. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger are the apps that are used by the peoples across the globe. Earlier, the experts were of the view that Google Allo and Duo messaging apps would gain a lot of success. But, the response from the users has not proved greater. Now, it is also interesting to see which features will be there in Amazon “anytime”. Would it be able to compete with the other apps that are already in vogue?

There is also news that this app would support video chatting, voice calls, snaps sharing, filtering, and masking. The company is asking the people about their requirements in messaging app. Keeping in view the demands of the people, it will design and launch the app. Another report says that the main goal of launching this app is to increase its customer database and influence its online sales. The messaging app would also allow the users to place online orders to buy any of the available items in this e-commerce store. To ease the customers, it will have a lot of security features. The customers will be able to complete their transaction through linking it with their bank accounts. It means that it will encrypt bank account details.

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The success of this app will depend on the features included in it. This is because all the messaging apps are becoming up to date with new features. Apple has also updated its iMessaging App. Snapchat is another top rated messaging app used by many users. Amazon would also include something new to its messaging app to compete with pre-existing messaging apps.

If the users found it attractive and full of new features, they will welcome it.