Mitashi is one of the leading electronics manufacturers in India. The company has launched a new curved display 4K LED TV in the home country. This smart TV has a price tag of Rs 79,990. It is available at all the offline and online stores across the country. The company is also offering a three years warranty on its purchase. Here, one thing noteworthy is that Samsung has made the display panel of this TV. This indicates that the TV will have a stunning display quality with much-improved contrast ratio.

The detailed specifications of the TV show that it supports Android. This means that the users can also download various apps from Google Play Store. The TV has a 55-inch curved display to ease the user to see more. The display features also feature UHD resolution of 3840X2160 pixels. The contrast ratio of the TV is stunning 4, 00,000:1 to offer superior quality visuals.

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For the first time, this smart LED TV comes with tempered glass for an increased protection of the display. There is no other TV in Indian market with tempered glass coating on display. The sharpness of the TV is too amazing to give the users minute details of the display.

Mitashi has loaded this TV with a lot of connectivity options. There are options for USB plug, HDMI input, PC input, built-in WIFI and much more. There is also Screen Mirroring feature which allows the users to enjoy the TV through an Android device. The TV also comes with an air mouse allowing you to navigate through the functions from a distance.

This smart LED also supports the Android device as a remote to control various features. The package also includes a free wall mounting from the company.