The controversy queen Poonam Pandey has launched her app on 17th April 2017 on Google Play Store. The launch of this app brings her in line with famous celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Alia Bhatt. But, to Poonam’s disappointment, Google has removed the app from the Play Store due to “inappropriate content” just after few hours of this launch.

Poonam Pandey agreed with this issue and also commented on her tweeter handle. She promised her viewers to be “Bold” on this app but before that Google removed the “Poonam Pandey” app from their store. Poonam has also exclaimed her surprise saying “I don’t know why. I see many adult magazines on Play Store and App Store and interesting is, on the one hand, Google Play Store is suspending the app and on the other, some fans are ‘complaining’ that I am not even nude in the photos.” This seems that she is completely clueless why Google has banned her app.

Google responded to this controversy by saying that they won’t comment on any individual applicants. Rather they suggest checking their guideline and policies for this ban.

This app has covered almost all of her life events from the introduction to videos, live stream to spin 360, etc. Fans also can interact with her through this app. In spite of this problem, Poonam Pandey is happy as 15000 users have downloaded this app within the first 15 minutes of the launch. She also assured her fans that this issue would be sorted out very soon. Till then, this app can be downloaded from her official website www.poonampandey.in/download.