Android is the most commonly used operating systems in the world. Google releases a new version of it on a yearly basis. This launching takes place at Google’s I/O conference. The I/O conference for 2017 has started from yesterday. Google has announced many new features of the upcoming Android ‘O’. The company has also announced the launch of smart assistant for iPhone users. The search giant has announced Android ‘O’ public beta program along with highlighting some of its key features. It has also announced Android Go for the low-end devices. Google plans to release final build of this new Android ‘O’ in Q 3 of the year 2017.

Following are some of the key features that Google has highlighted in this conference at California.

  1. Picture in Picture

The first very important feature of android ‘O’ is PIP (Picture in Picture). This feature will enable Android users to do any task along with watching a video. Samsung had earlier released this feature in its smartphones. But now, Google has introduced it in Android ‘O’. While playing a video, a tap on the home button will minimize it to a moveable window. The user can do anything he/she likes, and the video also keeps on playing. A user can swipe away this thumbnail any time or can maximize it by tapping. One PIP will work at one time. The user can also adjust the size of the window or can park it at the side of the screen.

  1. Notification Dots

Managing the notifications has become easy in Android ‘O’. Earlier, the notifications appeared in the pull-down menu. But in Android ‘O’ notifications will appear in the form of dots next to the app icon. By pressing and holding the app icon, a user can read the notification details. Similar notifications will synchronize between the dots and the notification shades. So, tapping one will clear the other.

  1. Auto-fill
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Moving between the devices is also easy due to Android ‘O’ auto fill feature. The users don’t have to type their usernames, passwords, and other details into a device again and again. A prompt will appear on the screen asking the user to fill his details. Once entered, he is done. This feature will also help in third party apps. For example, it will suggest username and password for all the social media websites.

  1. Smart Text Selection

Machine Learning is integrated with Android ‘O’ and it can recognize texts like names, addresses, telephone numbers and much more. A user can copy this information by double tapping on it.

  1. Improvement in Battery Life

Earlier, there was a doze mode which used to make the device sleep when not in use. But, in Android ‘O’, Google has put limits on background usage like location and Wi-Fi scans. It will allow any app to run in the background with a certain limit.

  1. Speed Optimization

With Android ‘O’ Google has boosted the speed of the system. The company says that Android ‘O’ is double in speed than older Android ‘N’.

  1. Google Play Protect

Google has not forgotten to improve the security features in Android ‘O’. Google Play Protect will help users to secure their devices by keeping access to play store. This feature will scan new apps for any threats.

Many other features will come to headlines after the final build of the Android ‘O’, becomes public. So let’s wait for the final build.