Tech giant Google has announced an exciting news about the Assistant Service in its I/O‘s seminar in Mountain View, California. This feature was launched in 2016, in collaboration with Google pixel phone and Home smart hub. Day by day, they have been improving in Artificial Intelligence, through this technique they taking user experience to the next level. The unique feature allows a user to be more contextual and chat-friendly.

Now, this feature is available on the iPhones. Hence, iPhone users are also able to take advantage of Google assistant. Google has launched a separate application in iPhone app store. With this app, Google has introduced this assistant feature in iOS. This application doesn’t operate like Google search on any other Android devices. iOS users have to download the application from the app store.

Now Google wants to dive as deep as possible into the iOS operating system. Reportedly, this iOS based application will open by speaking ‘OK Google’. This is the traditional voice command to launch the Google Assistant service. The other method is by tapping the microphone button on the screen. It’s just like iPhone users use Siri as an interaction assistant. This app will come with many new features. This app will communicate with the users in four different languages – French, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

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Currently, this app is available in only talkative mode. It is also reported that in future the application will be more modernized and it may work in textual mode also. This will help the user to communicate with the Assistant service in a crowded and noisy area.

So this is time for the battle between Siri and Google assistant. iOS is a quite restricted operating system in security. Siri is a dominate assistant on iPhone till date. Google Assistant service won’t be able to activate beside other assistant features. The only way to activate Google Assistant is to open the app from the app drawer.