Apple to unveil 4-inch iPhone SE at a cheaper price

Samsung recently released its flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8+. Now the tech-freaks are looking forward to Apple for some good news. There are reports of Apple launching new iPhones this year. The Apple fanatics can expect a lot this year. There were rumors about several new things from the Cupertino-based tech giant. The new iPhones are the ones for which everyone has been waiting. To top it all, Apple is planning to sell more than 200 million iPhones this year.

The company is currently aiming at selling the new iPhones to over 200 million (20 crores) users this year. There is no clear news about the new iPhone being iPhone 8 or the new iPhone 7s models. Either side, it is a huge number to achieve.

As per a recent source, Apple wants to sell the new iPhone handsets to around 100 million users in 2017. It might sound a crazy number so far. However, the company had already managed to sell about 78.3 million units of iPhone 7 along with 7 Plus last year. The iPhones are the craze for everyone. Therefore, the goal seems to be quite possible to achieve.

The sources also revealed that Apple is going to purchase more than 50 million sets of chips on a quarterly basis. As per the reports, the leading suppliers like Broadcom, ADI, Qualcomm, TI, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Cypress, Cirrus Logic, and several more are working on the inventory of the chipsets. The production will further grow in Q3. This will cater the rising needs of the release demands. TSMC is also going to enter mass production of the 1nm A11 application processor. After looking at these records, Apple is likely to rock the tech market.

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As with the pricing, the new iPhone 8 will come in the market at around $850 to $900. This might sound a bit expensive. However, it will be a limited edition of the device. Therefore, it will all be worth it. The other two models: iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be priced at $650 and $750 respectively.

It will be quite interesting to note the series of events for Apple this year. It will serve as a great competition to the other tech giants as well and will be a tough waiting period for the Apple fans out there. Gear up for some more excitement!