Scientists are working hard since long to get proof to host the life on Jupiter. As per the recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters, a team of astronomer has seen the cold spot on this planet.  This mysterious spot is huge and measures around 8,700 miles wide and 7,500 miles crossways. If we look at these figures, then the size of this planet is more than the size of our planet.

Although the team has detected this spot recently, however when the scientist has studied the past data, they found that it was present since 15 years. As per the data this spot was present in the upper part of the atmosphere since long. Further, they have found that this great spot changes its shape in few days and weeks. However they have not recorded any change in planetary weather, it was persistent as usual.

As per the research paper, the weather of Jupiter is more complex than we had expected. This planet holds a local dark spot near its north pole. This is possibly created by the gas giant’s polar aurorae. The temperature range of Jupiter’s high altitude is between 700 °K to 1,000 °K. However the magical cold spot is 200 °K below than its surroundings.

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The magical spot is said to be created due to the planet’s magnetic field. The scientists have used CRIRES tools on the VLT (Very Large Telescope) in order to detect the spectral emission of H3+. The H3+ is present in the heavy amount in the planet’s atmosphere. This has allowed them to map mean temperature and density of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Afterward, they have used snaps taken by NASA from its Infrared Telescope facility. Now they have combined these images over a selected period of time.  Results were very surprising, they have discovered the existence this mysterious cold spot. They have found this mysterious spot in as an area of darkness in its hot upper atmosphere.

This study has surprised everybody. The scientists have got a good reason to expect such type of features in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Juno space vehicle is currently in orbit around the Jupiter’s environment. The scientists have got a chance to dig more about the hidden weather conditions. The tools will send the more valuable data to study further.  Such facts really tell us that still lots to learn about this planet.