24th September has got special importance in the Indian history. India’s Mars mission completed its 3 years in the space. On Sunday, ISRO released last one year’s data of this mission. ISRO tells the public that their mission had completed three successful years in the Martian Orbit. It has sent a large amount of research data. This data includes about 715 images related to Martian atmosphere. Here, it is important to mention that India’s Mars mission is the cheapest of all space missions.

India had launched its Mars mission on 5th November 2013. After one year on 24th September 2014, the mission reached the Mars orbit. The successful launching of Mars Orbiter mission in the first attempt marks the India’s success. This Mars Orbiter mission has various sensors and instruments for research purposes. Mars is the next target of the researchers to populate after the Earth.

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ISRO says that the satellite is still in good health and would last for many years as expected. The main goal of this Martian mission is to study Martian surface and its mineral composition. The satellite also has the ability to scan the Mars surface for Methane. The scientists consider Methane necessary for the existence of life.

ISRO also tells that during these three years of its mission, the satellite has passed through many hard days. It had resisted 8-hours risky eclipse and also whiteout. Whiteout is a geometrical phenomenon which means the inability to communicate. This happens when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Planet. The satellite also has a battery that can last for 1 hour and 40 minutes. It receives all the energy from the Sun rays.