NASA says that an asteroid, equal in size of a house, will pass close to the Earth on 12th October. This close shave will not affect the Earth and its satellites. It will pass at an altitude of about 44000 kilometers above the altitudes of almost all the satellites. The satellites are moving around the Earth at a distance of about 36000 kilometers. NASA further says that this will not be visible to the naked eyes and common binoculars. It will be visible only in the night between 11 and 12 October in Europe. It will pass close to the Earth’s orbit at a point near South Australia.

Here, it is important to mention that this is not the first time an asteroid is passing close to the Earth. A meteoroid of about the same size had already exploded over Chelyabinsk in 2013. It broke the window panes of more than 5000 houses and also injured more than 1000 people. This asteroid TC4 is also of the same size 15-20 meters wide. NASA says that they are observing this TC4 for the last two months. Thus, they have accurate information about it and its orbit will not cross the orbit of the Earth.

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They also say that this asteroid will pass close to the orbit of the Earth in 2050 and 2079 because of its continuous loop around the Sun. Earlier; it had passed the Earth in 2012 when the space researchers traced it. But the distance of the asteroid from the orbit of the Earth is decreasing.

Thus, NASA researchers are of the view that it may hit the Earth in 2079 because of its deflection. And, this would not be the first time that an asteroid will hit the Earth. NASA says that many asteroids had already hit the Earth. They also say that one of those hitting asteroids also wiped away the dinosaurs.