Credit: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

NASA has put a futuristic sleek and black designed Mars rover at the Kennedy space center visitor complex. The elegantly designed Mars vehicle looks like a tank. It will roam the east coast of US this summer as a part of summer Mars program. This rover has the capacity to handle any terrain on the earth as well as beyond it.

The designed vehicle might be used to transport the astronauts to the Mars. NASA has developed this vehicle for space museum center situated in Cape Canaveral, Florida. As per NASA officials, this will be used for training, education and inspirational purposes.

NASA never reveals the secrets of its missions. So, they have revealed very limited information about this as well. However, they have written that very soon they would share the exciting updates and info related to this.

Business Insider reported that Marc Parker of Parker Brothers Concepts had designed this concept Mars rover. As per the reports, it is 7 meters long (23 feet) and 4 meters wide (13 feet). The height of this rover is 3.3 meter (11 feet), and it weighs around 5,000 lbs (2,268 KG).

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As per the reports, a quick look at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex reveals some more interesting clues. This vehicle will be part of the complex’s new astronaut training program. Further clue gives some hint that it would not stay in Florida this summer. Just like any good rover, it will be hitting the open road.

The Visitor Complex’s website suggests checking back the site for cities and dates for the Mars rover’s East Coast tour. So, if anybody is living in the East Coast region, this summer he/she can enjoy the road show of this rover.