SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket EchoStar 23

International Astronautical Congress (IAS) took place last week in Adelaide, Australia. The IAC 2017 has got popularity because of an unbelievable announcement. The CEO of SpaceX has announced that they are planning to send Human Beings on Mars by 2024. He has also explained that this would happen due to their most powerful rocket. SpaceX has made a rocket that would reduce the flight times on the Earth and to other heavenly bodies. Explaining the features of the rocket Elon Musk says that the rocket could travel the longest distance on the Earth within an hour.

The news has stunned the people and astronauts all around the world. This is because NASA also has announced to shift human beings on Mars by 2030. SpaceX will send two cargo flights to Mars by 2022. Two years later, it would send two missions carrying cargo as well as human beings on Mars. The SpaceX CEO also says that these cargo space missions would try to set up fuel stations on Martian land. This is because the fuel is one of the basic needs for the return flights. The mission plans to use carbon dioxide and water in Martian atmosphere to make methane and oxygen.

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The CEO says that they have made BFR rocket that has highest payload capacity than all rockets ever built. This rocket is also reusable and a lot efficient. It has the power to carry 40 spaceships to Mars along with 2 or 3 people in each spaceship. The rocket can fly from the Earth to the Moon and back without refueling. Talking about the speed of the rocket Elon Musk says that it could travel at a speed of 28968 km/h. This means that it can travel the distance between New York to Shanghai in 37 minutes.