A few days ago, we heard of a falling Chinese space station Tiangong-1. Now, the European Space Agency has issued warnings related to this space station. They have said that this Chinese space station may fall into some big city in the beginning months of the following year. The experts have claimed that China has lost control of this 8.5-ton weighty space station. The Chinese space agency had already informed United Nations that they have lost control of the space station.

The 12 meters long space station may cause destruction in some major city between two latitude lines in Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. According to experts New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Rome, Istanbul, and Tokyo are under threat. However, they are not certain about its location and falling place. Earlier, the space researchers have said that they could guess the place just before two hours of its fall on the Earth.

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The European Space Agency says that European cities are not at risk. The geometrical calculations of this space station show that no fragment of it will fall beyond 43 N and 43 S. The head of European Space Agency says that re-entry of this space station may take place on any point on the Earth between these two latitude lines.

This means that a lot of European Area may also be under threat. The date, time, and place of falling are just predictions. The researchers say that the real data will be available just two hours before this re-entry. The researchers are also expecting that most of the parts of the space station may fire up in the space and reduce the size of the space station.