An out of control Chinese space station is descending towards Earth. The space researchers are expecting that it would hit the Earth either late this year or in the start of 2018. China had launched this space station in 2011 to claim its superiority in space. This was the first space station from any Asian country. China had sent many space missions on this station. But now, the space station is decaying and traveling towards Earth rapidly. The Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) has admitted that they have lost control of the space station.

Here, it is important to mention that the space station weighs about 8.5 tons. An astrophysicist from Harvard University says that this space station may likely to hit Earth between this month and April of 2018. He also says that it may cause harm to human beings on Earth. Although most parts of the space station would burn in space, yet a 100 KG of mass may hit the Earth.

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Many space scientists are of the view that the space station would likely fall somewhere in the Sea. They are speculating all this because they are unable to trace the true location of the falling space station. They also say that they would be able to trace it just before two hours of its hitting on the Earth. However, they have made it clear that the acceleration of its decaying and falling towards Earth increased a few days ago.

The space researchers are unable to trace the location of Tiangong 1 because of its large distance from the Earth. They say that a little wind can change its location. Even a slight push from weather may change its falling point from one continent to the other continent. The Chinese CNSA scientists have informed United Nations about its falling on the Earth.