China has launched its first X-Ray modulation telescope to study the black holes. Briefing to the media the project lead scientist said that this new launch would bring the new breakthrough in physics.

This X-ray telescope is named as ‘Insight’ which weighs 2.5-tonne. This Hard X-ray modulation telescope (HXMT) was launched on Thursday morning from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre. It was launched via Long March-4B rocket and sent into orbit which is 550km (341 miles) above from the earth.

The scientists have further added that it will help them to observe magnetic fields and pulsars interior. This will provide the data related to black holes, which will help us to understand the evolution of black holes.

This X-ray telescope will look into the new black hole activities by finding the Milky Way for celestial bodies.

As we all know, the black holes are mysterious and we normally cannot detect them. The lead scientist Zhang Shuangnan said that we are able to detect the emitted X-ray when matter falls into the black holes.

Zhang further added that normally very bright objects result in image over-exposure. This over-exposure event is due to heavy no of photon particles. But In this the X-ray telescope the designers have managed to avoid diffusion of photons.

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The chief designer Chen Young added that no matter how bright the objects are, this new telescope would not get blinded.

The X-ray telescope will also help the astronomers to research on gamma-ray bursts. It will also help them to study how pulsars can be used for spacecraft navigation.

Zhang added that this new launch would discover new activities of black holes and help in studying of the neutron in extreme gravity and density atmosphere. It will also help us to study the physical laws under the extreme magnetic fields.

China is striving hard towards its 2022 space mission which will carry its crew into space.

A few days back China has launched a simulated space cabin which helps them to understand the essential things to humans to live on the moon. As per the sources, China will send to dark side probe of the moon by 2018 and will send astronauts by 2036.