Scientists find source of mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

The most mysterious thing in our space is ‘Black Hole’. Scientists had tried many ways to get the images of Black Holes but failed as nothing come out from them due to strong gravity force. No telescope is capable of to get the images of these unknown black spots.

The unseen black spots are so secretive even Albert Einstein did not trust; they were real. Although, his theory of general relativity assisted in predicting these about 100 years ago.

Since long the scientists are able to sense these black holes by observing the matter around them which is influenced by its radiation.

Now scientists are using more advanced technology to get the real image of these unseen object. They are now planning to get the picture of a black hole at the center of the Milky Way, named as Sagittarius A.

Scientists will combine eight observations points across the four continents to get the images of the black hole. They will basically create a virtual observatory by joining these points. They have given the name ‘Event Horizon Telescope’.

According to them if all goes as per plan, this EHT system will able to get the image of Sagittarius A. This will provide the very first sight of the black hole’s event horizon against it hot and shining surrounding material.

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The team basically will connect all telescopes at eight places and will teach them to look at Sagittarius for few days.  This is really a bold and gusty trial which will unveil the hidden facts of the black holes. As said, if all goes well then these unseen objects will become alike other common things in space.

Still many of us think that does this EHT system will really solve this mystery? If we compare the existing telescope and this new EHT system, they are almost same. The only difference is that EHT is forming a virtual telescope the bigger size of the whole earth. But no telescope can give such high-resolution images like it.

Starting from Wednesday, over 5 nights during ten-day window this new system will swivel as one towards the center of the galaxy.  The scientist working on various places will record the data. Once they get the data, they will send these finding to the MIT and Max Planck in Germany. It may take a longer time to decode this data. Really all scientists are very excited about this new probe. Stay tuned here for more news on this.