Since long, we are hearing rumors and stories about the end of human species on the earth. But the explanations given to support such stories were very hard to believe. In the past, we have read dozens of such news, but all these have proved to be wrong. Recently, a well-known physicist, Stephen Hawkins have made similar predictions in his new short film ‘Expedition New Earth’. He warned that humans must become multi-planetary to avoid extinction within the next century. This documentary will be broadcasted on BBC this summer in World Science Season.

Stephen has stated a couple of risks of this major destruction. This list includes epidemics, increasing population, weather change and asteroid attacks. These are the major risks that he has mentioned in order to support this fact.

Although, such news is very common. Even some of agencies have already started working to find homes outside this planet. The Elon Musk who owns firm SpaceX is already underway to create a human colony on the Mars. He is expecting to establish the homes within the next few decades. Last year he had made a statement “I don’t have a doomsday prophecy”. However, history tells us that this day may arrive in the near future.

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Such news is really very scary. It compels people to think about the human life. This is not the first time that Stephen has predicted such thing. Last year, in an event also, he showcased the end of human life with near certainty.

Back in November last year, briefing to the Oxford University students, he said that the chances of a disaster on the earth are very low. He told that such tragedy on earth might arrive in the next 1,000 or 10,000 years. During this period, humans should move to another planet. This would avoid the full destruction and end of human race on the earth.

Apart from this awful warning, he did have some updates for the assembled students. Stephen explained how our basic understanding of the universe became radical in his time. He added that it is a superb time to be alive and to study theoretical physics.

He also added that over the past 50 years, the picture of the universe had altered to a great extent. He said that he is very happy that he had made the very small contribution in it.