A team of six Indian students has completed the Human Exploration Rover Challenge by NASA.

As per the reports, the team of six members, led by Tirth Shah, represented India at NASA and this team is known as ‘Technovators.  The team leader Shah is currently studying at Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management in Mumbai, and he is just 20 years old.

Other five members are Anyun Sharma, Birva Ghodasara, Chirag Kulkarni, Dishit Kalsaria and Sarthak Agarwal from various parts of India. This is really a big day for all Indians.

Under this challenge, the teams have to design, build, test, and race the rovers powered by humans. In order to drive the human powered rover, one male and one female team member were required.

In total 99 teams have taken part in the event across the world. These were from Brazil, Russia, Japan, Germany and Mexico and the US itself.

Shah said that we have built and tested the rover which is capable of working in the tough conditions of the solar system. In this task, NASA has asked to design and test various tools for mobility devices. These devices must able to work precisely in the environment of various celestial bodies of the solar system. Apart from this, we also need to develop an advanced telemetry system. Further, this also includes the features for astronaut safety as well.

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Further, Shah added that Dr. Gerald, NASA’s chief scientist had praised their rover design. Because of its unique design, we have filed a patent for this rover.

They also have included a similar mechanism as the astronauts retrieve the samples from the moons and planets. They have tested this rover at the US space and rocket center in Alabama.

The team has designed the wheels of rover after a rigors testing and prototyping. They have used advanced tools for printing which prints the design layer by layer. To decrease the impulse due to large rocks and pits, they have used partially bent vanes.

This rover competition is to fulfill the NASA’s goals for future study of Mars and other planets. This is really a good step taken by NASA as this has given a chance to young minds. This human powered rover event is inspired by the lunar roving vehicles of the Apollo moon mission. NASA is always inspiring the new generations to explore the space. This really a proud moment for all Indians.