Last week, strange news captured the attention of people across the globe. In an Indonesian beach, a local person saw a 50 feet long sea creature lying dead near the shore. This incident took place in Hulung Beach on Seram Island. Asrul Tuanakota was the person who first saw it. Researchers and scientists started various experiments on it. Finally, they came to the conclusion that it was a Baleen Whale. It is usually found in deep waters. The dead body was lying in the area which is already famous for being a rout of migrating whales.

The scientists included it in whales because of its size and other features. It had visible jaws, skull, and bones. The scientists also declared it as an invertebrate. This whale was 50 ft. large. The Executive Director of Whale and Dolphin Conservation said that it was a Baleen Whale.

The dead body of this gigantic creature was decomposing. It was generating various gasses. People requested the government to help them get rid of this dead body. It turned the color of the water around to red. The rotten gasses did not allow people to come near it. The photos of this large mass went viral. Most of the people were also of the view that it was a kind of whale.

Scientific research proves that deaths take place every day in the depths of the sea. Most of these dead bodies remain stuck deep in the ocean and become a source of food for other sea animals. A dead whale, usually, becomes the food for many other sea creatures.

Most of the scientists are of the view that its death has taken place in some unusual way. They also say that the bacteria have decomposed its body and made it heavier in size. They are still working hard on this phenomenon.

Jakarta Global Report says that this gigantic creature was discovered by Asrul Tuanakota. He is a 37 years old fisherman. He said that he took it for a boat first. But, a closer look revealed its true nature. The scientists have included it in whales because of its whale-like body and some other characteristics. Locals believe that this has happened due to an earthquake.