The advancement in Science and Technology seems to play its part in almost every field of life. But, the greatest impact seems to be in the electronics industry. The mobile phone technology has seen a great revolution because of it. The manufacturers are inventing cell phones with modern functionalities on a daily basis. Nowadays,  one of the most stunning news is the invention of a battery-free mobile phone. The researchers at the University of Washington have invented a mobile phone which uses zero power. This is the great news for the cell phone users as battery drainage is the most upsetting for them.

The researchers have achieved this landmark by eliminating the most battery draining process of the cell phones. Modern cell phones drain battery during the conversion of analog signals to digital signals. Now, they have eliminated this process. This battery-free phone performs these conversions through sound vibrations in the microphone. Thus, a lot lesser energy is required to power up the device. Thus, the device obtains this little energy either from ambient light or radio signals. The researchers have tested its functionality up to a distance of 50 feet.

The researchers have said in a statement that they have made world’s first functioning cell phone that consumes zero power. They have used off the shelf components on a printed circuit board. They have proved that the device can perform the basic phone functions. It can send speech and data and can receive user inputs through buttons. To achieve this zero power consumption, they have to study the basic designing and functioning of the cell phones.

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This battery-free cell phone requires a small amount of energy, about 3.5 microwatts. The device obtains this power from ambient radio signals coming from a base station about 31 feet away. They have also tested this working of a device with the help of radio signals from the base station up to 50 feet. Now, the major task before them is to increase the range of the device to improve its communication with a far off base station. They are also making research on encrypting the conversation to increase security. They also intend to make this battery-free phone suitable for video streaming. This would only be possible through enabling a visual display. To use ultra-low power, they can use E-ink display.

If the researchers succeed in achieving all this, there is no doubt that it would be a great achievement in the history of the world.