Fossils are the remains of animals and plants that lived in the remote past. Scientists have found these in Tanzania and are relating them with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs belonged to a larger group called Archosaurs. These have two kinds, the birds, and the animals. Scientists have thought these fossils as cousins of Dinosaurs. Some have even considered these as their origin.

These fossils are forcing scientists to think of animals that lived in the past. But these remains are so much different from Dinosaurs. These fossils share some of the traits of Dinosaurs. These are small chicken sized, two-legged animals like Archosaurs. Scientists have also found some such remains as are undecidable. These may either be of animals or of plants.

To give all the details, a group of scientists studied some more samples in 2015. They have differentiated them from skeleton and muscles scars. They have also found the characteristics of crocodiles in them. The main difference is the ankle. Some have bird-like, and others have crocodile-like ankles. They are of the view that these fossils are the ancestors of both crocodiles and dinosaurs.

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The studies have revealed the features that were in archosaurs. It also shows which features came later. The scientists are in trouble to study the ancestors of Dinosaurs. They are unable to decide which animals to study. This is because all the fossils have the characteristics of both the birds and reptiles.

The observation also reveals the fact that non-dinosaurs were more diverse and successful. Scientists have been studying Dinosaurs for a long time. They consider them as the most successful bird of past and present.

The Scientists are thinking to go there again to study these in detailed. They are trying to fill the gap between fossils of archosaurs and Dinosaurs.