The Chinese paleontologists have found 66 million years old fossils of crocodile and bones of at least six different dinosaurs. The scientists have started the excavation in late May in northeast China. This is another research after the discovery of dinosaur fossils last year at Longshan Mountain.

The team has reported that the crocodile was 1.5 meters long and well preserved from head to tail. They have found these fossils on June 1. These were found with clear skin which was very rare among Cretaceous discoveries in China.

As a research fellow reported, this provided the hints that crocodiles and dinosaurs lived together. They were hoping to found more fossils buried underneath.

Besides this, the team has found many teeth, arm, pelvis and ribs bones. All these belonged to at least six different dinosaur species. They have further added that all these parts were in good condition.

The Sun Ge, the curator associated with Paleontological Museum of Liaoning said that Yanji city had been known as the easternmost site of Cretaceous dinosaur fossils. He said that petrified woods and turtle fossils were also unearthed.

Sun Ge further added that these recent findings have provided the deep understanding of fossils resources.

The existence of dinosaur is a long debatable topic among the scientists across the world. They have got different views on this. These findings are sure to unleash some hidden facts about these species which have been extinct long ago. As per the reports, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue further excavation to get more details about crocodile and dinosaur.