Watching our capital city, New Delhi in any movie is a sheer delight because every filmmaker has his own perception about the city. They make the city look less vulnerable and more creative in their respective manners. Recent release “Saat Uchakkey” has its own take on the city.

Director chooses Old Delhi and its restricted lanes to convey his story. Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of gang leader Pappi. With his lines and dialect, he delivers the essence of the movie which the director wants to transmit. The movie is not out of the box, but the stellar performances of the actors make it a perfect watch.

The movie is said to be a comedy with little errors. Set in the narrow alley of Old Delhi, it has its own charm. The story revolves around some disorganized robbers who want to loot some kind of treasure hidden in the local haveli. Pappi wants to become rich so that he can marry his love interest Sona, played by Aditi Sharma.

The gang includes Pappi and other teammates such as Kappe, a metalsmith (Aparshakti Khurana), Haggu, a keysmith (Nitin Bhasin), Babbe, a knick-knack seller (Jatin Sarna) and Jaggi, a talented criminal (Vijay Raaz).  The gang and their journey of looting a haveli make the movie interesting along with Kay Kay Menon as a local policeman. He is infatuated by Sona and this makes it even more delightful.

The story begins with a perfect shot of the alley where a mental asylum is situated. There we can see Anu Kapoor as a madman/hypnotist as Bichchi and the story goes which is designed beautifully. Couldn’t ask for more!

The film showcases the Delhi lingo and the director himself had a great time while watching the performances of his dream cast. The movie tries to tell many things but lacks somewhere in the screenplay. Nevertheless, the actors steal the show, especially Manoj Bajpayee.