‘Raaz Reboot’ reached the stage since its first teaser was released. It is the fourth venture in the Raaz series by the director Vikram Bhatt.

The fans are eagerly waiting for this Emraan Hashmi starrer where he romances the newcomer Kirti Kharbanda, who looks like an amateur but does bring a fresh wave to the audience.

The movie should be watched in theaters to enjoy the spookiness and to have a true apparition experience. The movie has all ghostly elements including the location which is Romania, a famous country with numerous Dracula tales. The director has every skill to shoot the movie fully in most spooky locations. He is successful in creating a real horror experience for the adventurous audience.

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The story, as any other movie in the horror genre, has an unknown element. It keeps the audience stuck to their seats while they keep guessing about the ‘Raaz’ of Kirti’s possessed avatar.

Kirti fits the role of a possessed body very well. Be it her hot and bold intimate scenes with Emraan or her ugly looks of a haunted character, she has justified everything in the movie. Apart from her romance and intimacy with Emraan, the audience can look forward to her action scenes and the expletives done by her in the debut movie.

Emraan plays a photographer in the movie and experiments a different look with a man- bun. He romances the actress with his signature kisses and he calls the song ‘Lo Mann Liya’ from the film his all-time favorite. Gaurav plays a banker in the movie and has a mesmerizing and very sophisticated character to support the star cast well.

The movie, as claimed by the director Vikram Bhatt and the producers Bhushan Kumar and Bhatt brothers Mukesh and Mahesh, is a complete package and a great entertainment for everyone. The movie pleases not just horror fans but also those who love to watch romance and enjoy beautiful music.