A Flying Jatt is a Hindi movie featuring Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Amrita Singh, Gaurav Pandey, Nathan Jones and Kay Kay Menon.

Directed by Remo D’Souza, the movie revolves around Aman who fears heights and dogs. Meanwhile, the industrialist Malhotra sends merciless Raka to capture Aman’s land. The main twist in the story appears when Aman discovers his own superhuman powers. Will Aman be able to defeat Raka and the power behind them? An important thing about A Flying Jatt is the type of fumbling Jatt played by Tiger Shroff. Meanwhile, wicked industrialist Malhotra enacted by Kay Kay would like to grab Aman’s family lands.

Aman’s mother Dhillion, played by Amrita, opposes Malhotra. However, Aman quakes before him after being frightened by most things on earth. This includes own martial arts students. If you will watch the film, you will be able to see that Tiger does a pretty clean job as Aman. He plays a shivering superhero who not only fights crime but also purchases ‘do kilo lauki’ on the way back home.

Deeply confused kid to a killer fighter

The story slowly moves ahead with the evolution of Tiger from a deeply confused kid on the block to a more focused and fierce fighter. The film has come out well with the light moments added by Sunny Leone as Aman.

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In the meantime, Amrita Singh displays a great sense of feisty panache, berating her son for having ‘dole-shole, no jigra’. This is because he delivered wisdom with slaps and guzzling color drinks. Incidentally, he plays the role of a Tiger Mom.

A Flying Jatt Trailer rocks

The trailer running around 2 minutes and 50 seconds deliver a great amount of graphics. Tiger was seen breaking the door inside huge fire when a person falls from the top. Jacqueline glances in a frame while Tiger holds a piece of fire on his hand. The makers have employed a large amount of graphics.

Towards the middle of the trailer, lip kiss of both Tiger and Jacqueline surfaces to attract users to watch the film. The underwater stunt is a great attraction. Tiger was seen like a superman with a high degree of martial arts.

The rapport shown by Amrita and Tiger including Aman’s fun-loving brother Rohit is really a good fun. We saw that Aman’s lover Kriti’s (Jacqueline) role was limited to grinning repeatedly and delivering mystifying dialogues. We liked her dialogue – “I like karate – it’s like, so, hah!” in a traditional accent that will haunt you forever.