The scientists have found that Vitamin NAD+ helps in repairing damaged DNA. The finding might lead to the production of a drug which would reverse aging. The drug would also help in fighting cancer and in space travel.

With age, the body’s power to repair DNA drops. This leads to an overall degeneration of the body and makes the body defenseless against cancer.

The research has resulted in the finding of a significant molecular chain of actions that lets the cells repair the broken DNA.

The study has been published in the journal Science. It explained how Vitamin NAD+ which is present in our body cells controls the interactions which regulate DNA repair.

Mice were treated with NAD+ booster known as NMN. They bettered their ability to repair DNA which was damaged by old age or exposure to radiation.

Within a week the cells of the older mice were indistinguishable from the younger ones.

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They took mice that were 20 months old. This is same as about 60 to70 years in human age. They were given NMN and several aspects of aging were reversed, said Professor David Sinclair. He is a professor in Australia teaching at the University of New South Wales.

The results revealed the mechanism after cellular demise caused by DNA damage. In order to find a cure to revert the unwanted side effects of environmental radiation and the radiations received while treating cancer treatments, NAD levels by NMN treatment should be studied deeper.

After the DNA repair, the levels of youthfulness went up. They were stronger against radiation which means more guarded against cancer and aging.

The outcome will also lead to medicines with a cure for cancer. NMN therapy will start in the next six months. We are hoping that it is going to  help the people a lot.