A special court hearing the rape case against Sandeep Kumar which was filed by the women in the sex CD of ex-AAP Delhi Minister Sandeep Kumar has asked the IT ministry to block all the links to the video.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police in a request asked to immediately remove the offending video because it was highly objectionable and could harm the modesty of the woman.

The nine-minute long sex tape is the most trending on porn websites and has been uploaded multiple times. Interestingly the sacked minister Sandeep Kumar has been tagged as an employee by Pornhub, which also happens to be the biggest porn site with 537K followers on Twitter.


Cyber Crime sleuths say that the links have been deleted from the websites, but it is continuously being uploaded from Delhi. The initial checks revealed that a user named Vishal Gupta had uploaded the video from Ghaziabad.

Uploading of explicit contents is considered to be a crime and the video available on the porn sites is reported to be showing the face of the rape victim clearly. It  is a crime since laws provide complete anonymity to the victim.

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Uploading such videos is a crime and could involve severe penalty under Cyber Crime Acts. However the fact that the numbers of such sites is just gargantuan and that the video is uploaded in off-shore servers severely restrict the ability of police to arrest and prosecute such culprits. Only high profile cases like the present one are actively followed by the police.

Kumar is maintaining that the person in the video is not him and Delhi police have also not verified the authenticity of the video. The victim in a complaint has said that she was apprehensive about her safety after getting identified and since the accused was a man wielding considerable clout she wanted her identity not to be disclosed.