Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Makes Priyanka Jagga Exit From The House 24th December 2016 Full Updates

The biggest updates coming straight forward from the Big Boss 10 house is all about the eviction episode today. In this season of Big Boss 10, many up and downs had come so far. The show had got many turns and twists till now and had got many interesting things to see for the viewers. The show is doing amazing from the very beginning as this season had to get a very interesting plot of the series so far. Today Priyanka Jagga will be sitting on the devil chair and hence have to give the answers to Salman Khan’s clear-cut questions.

Salman Khan will tell Priyanka Jagga that she had used the abusive words most of the time in this house. Priyanka will react offensively to Salman Khan today which makes Salman pissed off. Salman will also warn her to behave well to him but Priyanka will start screaming and shouting over him. Salman will take off his jacket at this and ask her to get out of the house right now. Salman will also announce on national television that if Priyanka Jagga will come back on the show or anywhere on Colors Tv, then he will not work with Colors never and ever.

This will make everyone in the house shocked and stunned as well. This will bring the new twist in the show which now gets marked as the questions that if Priyanka will get out of the house this week, then will the nominated contestants also face the eviction or not. This can also call the biggest news and twist of the Big Boss 10.

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Looking at the previous episode of Big Boss 10, it was too emotional to see when the contestants family come to meet them. The most emotional part of the last episode was when Manveer Gujjar’s father come to the Big Boss house to meet him and he felt cried in front of him. He later shares that this is the best part of his life and Big Boss show had given him a lot. Nitibha also gets a chance to meet her mother and was very happy after that.

Later Bani will be called in the activity area but the battery was only 6%. Bani J gets a chance to meet her best friend if she will charge the battery by making Manu Punjabi and Swami Om nominated for the next week. Swami Om neglects to do that which make Bani J sad.

Today it is going to be very interesting to see that did Bani J will get to meet Gaurhar Khan and what will happen when Salman Khan will ask Priyanka Jagga to leave the house. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Big Boss 10 like this.