Akshay Kumar

On the new year’s eve, there was an incident happen which bowed everyone’s head down in shame. A case of molestation happens in the Bengaluru on the new year’s eve. Many Bollywood Star’s like Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan have criticized the Bengaluru molestation case. Now Akshay Kumar condemned this case. Akshay Kumar tweeted a video in which he says that how his whole body filled with anger when he hears the news about the molestation case in Bengaluru on many news channels.

Akshay Kumar also added that he was coming back after a short vacation with his family and hear’s about the molestation case take place in Bengaluru, this incident makes him feel very bad. Our society does not give respect and right are to the women that they deserve and says that this type of society does not have any right to be called as a civilized society. Akshay is himself a father of a daughter and he wants to encourage girls to know more about their rights and beliefs that they deserve and learn some self-defense techniques to save themselves. If girls are known some self-defense techniques it would help them to protect themselves from every situation.

Akshay tells that even animals are better than human beings. He also tells that the most miserable part of the incident is that there are some peoples who blame the girls and their dressing style for this type of incidents.

Many Bollywood stars condemned this case through social media and requested to our prime minister Narender Modi to look into the matter and make pressure on the officials to put the criminals behind the bars. We had seen many stars raising their voice against harassment cases like this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and feeds like this.