Paytm, the India’s most popular digital wallet is all set to launch the Paytm Payment Bank told by founder Vijay Sharma, Noida-based entrepreneur holds a majority stake of 51%.

The most amazing, interesting and attractive information about the Paytm bank is its interest rate, which is going to be around 14.50% per annum. No other bank offers an interest rate of 14.50% or even near. Other bank offers the maximum interest rate of 6% per annum. If the news is true, then the interest rate is going to be the USP of the Paytm bank, which we are expecting will attract a maximum number of people.

Besides this they will provide cashback of Rs. 60 cashback every month for 12 months, which means a customer will save Rs. 720 by the end of the year. We are expecting the cashback of Rs. 720 to be credited in the user’s wallet.

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The Indian digital wallet major was granted payment bank license by RBI only last year along with 10 other entities like Reliance Industries, Vodafone, Airtel and a few more

Sources said that user who opens an account in the Paytm bank will have his/her account connected to online Wallet. However the modus of Operandi is still to be worked out, but unknown sources said, the company is giving the outsourcing project to other companies to collect real data Paytm giving offer 20-50rs wallet recharge every month who is giving his data to their volunteer.

The companies who are getting this project are asking 5000rs as security per id 5. In 5000rs they will provide a Paytm t-shirt, cap only The person who will go to collect data mush has tablet Muston the every single entry, he will get 7Rs.