Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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House-Sized TC4 Asteroid Will Pass by Earth: NASA

NASA says that an asteroid, equal in size of a house, will pass close to the Earth on 12th October. This close shave will...

Nudge Book Writer Richard Thaler Wins Economics Nobel Prize

A US economist Richard Thaler has won the Nobel Prize for economics this year. The Nobel Prize Committee had announced this yesterday in Stockholm,...

Government Instructs tobacco sellers not to sell chocolates, candy

Indian Government has implemented strict regulations for selling tobacco in the country. The Ministry of Health has implied all the tobacco sellers to register...

Scientists Discovered Underwater City Built by Octopus

The Scientists from an American University have discovered an underwater city built by Octopuses. Earlier, the scientists thought that Octopuses live alone. The discovery...

Scientists found new method to convert tree leaves into electronic devices

A new scientific research has proved that dried tree leaves can convert into carbon material. And due to pores in this material, we can...

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Photos of Clouds Above Mars

NASA sent a curiosity mission to study the Mars surface about five years ago. Yesterday, it has sent some photos of the Red Planet...

Lunar Eclipse to be visible from all over India on August 7

The second lunar eclipse of the year 2017 is going to take place on August 7. Earlier, the lunar eclipse took place on February...

Indian Scientist Manisha Mohan at MIT Invents Wearable Sensor to Protect from Rape

The Indian Scientist has achieved another landmark as she has made wearable to stop rape. Manisha Mohan is an assistant researcher at MIT. She...

Scientist Invents New Type of Bio-Compatible battery

Science has always proved beneficial for human beings. Different kinds of scientific inventions are making human life much easier. The scientists across the world...

Scientists build world’s first battery-free mobile phone

The advancement in Science and Technology seems to play its part in almost every field of life. But, the greatest impact seems to be...